Subtle Halloween Decor

Ahhhh, the first weekend of October – perfect for decorating the house for Halloween… Unless you’re like me and started mid September (sorry, not sorry!) Sadly I had very little halloween decor so today I headed out to search for some more to add to my collection.

This morning was beautiful! Sun was out, but for the first time in a while there was a nice cool breeze and none of that disgusting sticky humidity. Perfect morning to me. On today’s agenda was Kirkland’s, Michael and Target of course 🙂

*Warning: Unless you want to leave with the entire store don’t go to Kirkland’s!
Their holiday decorations.are.amazing.. (especially christmas time)


So my main goals were to keep it simple, not spend too much money and keep my plants on the stand. On my T.V mantel I didn’t want to have to get rid of the plants I normally have, I wanted to incorporate them somehow. So when I found the Witch feet I knew exactly what to do.

I usually like to reuse things I have around the house and repurpose them for different ideas I have at the time. In this case, the black candle holders I’ve had for years – they were being used in my kitchen and needed a new meaning. I dusted those babies off and gave them a new home!


Ahhh I love these witches feet so much! Paired up with a DIY terrarium I’ve had for a while and of course a tiny pumpkin I picked up at my local farmer’s market 🙂


This little speckled pumpkin was found at the Farmer’s Market as well, however, I believe you can get them at publix too!


Those repurposed candle holders, for ya – just disregard any reflection of laundry doing in the tv 🙂

Now, on to my FAVORITE spot in my home. My gallery wall. I especially love this area because it is very meaningful to me, plus it makes for great decorating. The best thing I ever did with my gallery wall was add a tiny little shelf that fits in perfectly. I can change it up for every season. As for each piece I put on my wall, I take time to find them – I have to absolutely love it!



As you can see there is still a bare spot at the top, so I’m on the hunt for the perfect piece.

I hope you enjoy!