Halloween Cookies

Sundays are for baking cookies! Right? Well, mine was. I had a random urge to bake sugar cookies and test my creativeness after finding these cute cookie cutters at IMG_3718HomeGoods. So I didn’t opt for the sugar cookies from scratch, i opted for the sugar cookies that required minimum effort – just one egg, 1/2 cup of butter and the cookie mix. I mixed it up and prepared my counters to roll out the dough.

Flour was basically my best friend throughout this process. The dough was extremely sticky and need a ton of flour to get it to the right consistency.

Once I folded enough flour to handle the dough, I rolled out to about 1.4 an inch I went to town with the cookie cutters. These were so cool because they are different than a regular cookie cutter. They had the cutter on one side and an indentation of different things on the other side.

They looked SO cute once they were all pressed with the different designs, but sadly I had to wait for them to bake in order to design. Once they baked and cooled off, I mixed together confectioners sugar with a splash of vanilla extract and water for white frosting – put it into piping bag, cut the tip and decorate away! You can totally add food coloring to your confectioners sugar icing, but for my colors I used some edible glitter gel, which surprisingly worked very well. I couldn’t resist, i mean, its edible GLITTER!

At first I thought they were going to take HOURS to decorate, however, they were easy to work with.


IMG_3749_FotorAren’t they SO adorable?!

I hope you enjoy!

Quick icing: (what I used for white)

1 cup powdered sugar
1 tbsp water
1/2 tsp vanilla extract

Mix together, adding more water or sugar until desired consistency.

p.s – We can thank my Mom for these mad skills 😉


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